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By : foodtraveler
Crunchy Dumplings at Solaria
Smile   Oct 13, 2016
Who doesn't know Solaria? Although you may never eat at Solaria, as the Jakarta people I'm sure you've seen Solaria Restaurant.

This restaurant is dominated by a beautiful purple color, with a padded fabric sofa in some corner of the room, purple curtains decorated the walls of the room, and Solaria signature as a human logo with two hands and two
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By : michaelhans
Originally Cheesecake with Mango Sorbet
Smile   Oct 12, 2016
Previously I had never touched the area of ​​South Jakarta because where I live very far, namely in North Jakarta. I wonder how long it took to get to the area famous.

Based my own, Kemang is a very special area, many top artists like to eat in this area. A wide variety of well-known caf? and restaurants scattered in this area. I myself also
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By : foodtravel
Delicious Chicken Cordon Bleu at Platinum Resto
Smile   Oct 10, 2016
Based my own, Platinum Resto is a place where you can find a mix of luxury dish "West" with exotic oriental food. This is the place where wagyu teppanyaki steak coupled with a combo and chicken cordon bleu alongside grilled chicken Hainan. The concept was to create a restaurant that combines western and eastern grain dishes. The menu and atmosphere of the
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By : renaraymunah
Tempat makan kekinian
OK   Oct 06, 2016
Tempat yang bisa dibilang baru juga di PIK, tempatnya di desain seperti bus gitu pas masuk ke dalam interiornya juga lucu. Jadi kita pesan makanan dulu bayar lalu dikasih seperti alat gitu (gak tau namanya haha) setelah alatnya bergetar berarti makanan kita sudah siap diambil, jadi ambil sendiri gitu makanannya. Saya pesan tuna makarena, karena saya
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By : foodtravel
Delicious Spring Rolls at It`s Mie !
Smile   Oct 05, 2016
Afternoon is the day that is very appropriate to eat some blasting snacks. For Examples the snacks that I bought a simple snack but has a flavor that is unique and different from me.

This snack is named Spring Roll, as we know Spring Roll is a Lumpia skin based comestible containing eggs, chicken and vegetables such as carrots and yam. 1 serving for Rp
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By : foodtravel
It`s Dinner time with It`s Mie !
Smile   Oct 04, 2016
Various global noodle restaurants had a very flourishing and making captivated for anyone who tasted it. There's the prices also there's a quality, that maxim ordinary people in all things, including the culinary world.

It's Noodle is a noodle restaurant that is very popular in middle class. Although the menu they are selling a little bit
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By : foodtravel
The Best Chocolate Pia at Pia Bondres The Real Balinese Pia
Smile   Oct 03, 2016
There are times when we want a snack which rich in chocolate sauce or something. And it turns to Pia Bali snack became one of the very well-known among the public. Famous for its distinctive flavor pie combined with milk, butter and chocolate sauce that wowed for anyone who tasted it.

Introducing PIA Bondres, the real Balinese pia which is baked from
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By : foodtraveler
IndoChinese dishes at Tuan Rumah Resto
Smile   Sep 30, 2016
Finally Monday arrived and suddenly I wanted to enjoy a very special evening menu. I'm tired of tasting Japanese Dishes for one full week of Japanese food that I consumed over time makes me bored. I am interested in one restaurant with a classic look and comfortable furnishing.

The restaurant's name is "TUAN RUMAH" Food Centrum is located in North
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By : Adhyaksari
Coffee Shop PEWE di Kelapa Gading
Smile   Sep 29, 2016
First Impression liat dari luar biasa aja. Pas masuk kedalam pewe banget lama-lama disini. Ga gede-gede banget sih tempatnya, tapi pewe banget. Harga makanan dan minuman ya standart harga coffe shop jakarta deh. Paul-Ed juga nyediain beberapa buku bacaan yang bisa kita baca pas lagi nongkrong. Ohya, mereka nyediain ukulele jugaaaa!! »read more
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By : michaelhans
Ayam Kremes at Ayam Kremes Kraton Sunter
Smile   Sep 28, 2016
Unceasingly we as human beings are entitled to enjoy some hearty and delicious dishes. Especially I were very excited to try new food menu and unique that certainly deserves to be eaten

Then I went round to my home area in Sunter, North Jakarta, and found one restaurant that is quite simple but it has a sense of bombast.

Who does not know "Ayam
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Showing 31-40 of 5469 reviews
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