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By : stephuniee

Man is born to eat

Rassel Steak n Pasta, The Famous SIRLOIN STEAK
Rassel Steak n Pasta, Mongolian Fries
Mongolian Fries
Rassel Steak n Pasta, Iga Penyet
Iga Penyet
Rassel Steak n Pasta, Mac & Cheese
Mac & Cheese
Rassel Steak n Pasta, Rassel Punch
Rassel Punch
Rassel Steak n Pasta, Ko Yopi & me :)
Ko Yopi & me :)
'Man is born to eat.'
-Craig Claiborne

The quotation above is my most favorite quote. When I pondered about the real meaning of the quote, there was a name of a restaurant that suddenly came across my mind and it was Rassel Steak&Pasta.

The name 'Rassel' actually stands for Rawasari Selatan. It is obvious that we all know where it is located just by seeing its name. It is open everyday from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. It has approximately 30 seating. Rassel Steak & Pasta was founded by four entrepreneurs since January 2009. They are Rully Irawan, a bartender at a five-star hotel, Idham Mestika as the cost controller, Yopi Gou as the investor and accounting, and Budi Priono, as the chef. They have three chefs working in the kitchen.

At first they were worried that the brand name would be unfamiliar to us, Indonesian people, so they changed its name to Rassel Steak & Pasta, which is now becoming very popular. I do personally believe that this restaurant has so many potential to grow bigger and it surely deserves an award for the foods. The restaurant is clean, neat and of course the ambience will get more comfortable because the waiters will give you good and friendly service.

Why is everything in this restaurant are colored orange? Yopi's friend, who loves making his own quotes, once told him a theory that orange color makes everybody hungry. That is why they all decided to furnish and paint the restaurant in orange.

#Mongolian Fries IDR12,500
yukmakaners, this one is my favorite! I RECOMMEND THIS, A-MUST TRY DISH! This is the most delicious baby potato I ever tasted. The potato is fried and formulated with a delicious secret italian seasoning. It is crunchy on the outside, savory and so tender in the inside. It is served with a bowl of sauce which is actually mayonnaise mix together with garlic and on top of it there is a sprinkle of of fried garlic, which will arouse your appetite. Oh, you really must try this dish, you'll LOVEEEEEEEE it! (LIKE! LIKE! LIKE!)

#Sirloin Steak IDR35,000
It is a well done steak. The color is thoroughly brown with no sign of pink and slightly charred on the outside. The texture is chewy on the inside. It is served with several pieces of potato wedges, BBQ sauce and Rassel's signature salad. The wedges is crunchy as usual and the sauce is a perfect sour/sweet balance. The signature salad is actually made from watercress, salt, vinegar and slices of tomatoes. It has three flavors that blended well together - bitter from watercress, sour from vinegar and touch of perfect saltiness.

*They use Australian Imported Beef for the steak, but you do not have to be afraid with its price because all steaks in here are sold with local price and of course affordable!

#Iga Penyet IDR25,000
Iga Penyet is an Indonesian cuisine. The texture of its ribs is tender and chewy. Not only the sweet and spicy taste that is delicious, but the food serving is awesome too! It is served with fresh vegetables like watercress, slices of tomatoes and cucumbers.

#Soup Iga Asam Pedas:
Soup Iga Asam Pedas is also one of the Indonesian cuisines that I love. There is this combination of salty, spicy, sour flavor that make this dish delicious and savory. There is also carambola (or star fruit vegetable) in it. Tasty, isn't it?

#Mac & Cheese Gratin IDR15,000
If you hear someone's saying 'Mac & Cheese', you will think that this is an usual and familiar dish, am I right? But now I am telling you, the Mac & Cheese here is real unique. Why UNIQUE? Because I think that Rassel Steak & Pasta has succeeded in creating their own Mac & Cheese taste.
Here is how the serving goes:
*In the bottom: the unique Mac & Cheese
*Then coated with this amazing Mozzarella Cheese topping (getting interested, aren't you?)
*At the very top of this unique Mac & Cheese: ............................... Can you guess what the garnish is?
clue no. 1: It is a chip (this is food, not an electronic chip)
clue no. 2: It is really crunchy and crispy
clue no. 3: All Americans love this chip
Okay then, I'll tell you. The answer is POTATO CHIP. So, the garnish is potato chips and watercress.

#Rassel Punch
Rassel Punch is the signature beverage in this restaurant. The punch is tasty, sure. We can taste sour-sweet flavor in this drink. This drink will definitely refresh your body and will make you addicted to it!

#Shirley Temple:
Shirley Temple is a non-alcoholic mixed drink made with pineapple juice, grenadine syrup, and sprite. Such a fun combination, right? After you drink this, you'll get the the fun yourself.

Lemonade is a lemon-flavored drink, made from lemons, water and sugar. In my opinion, Rassel's lemonade is not sour. So, for yukmakaners who do not like sour and really want to try lemonade, come to Rassel Steak & Pasta.

Enjoy your holiday,


P.S.: For delivery service and reservation, call this number: 021 - 4261707 @Jl. Rawasari Selatan No. 7

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  Rassel Steak n Pasta
Jl.Rawasari Selatan no. 7
Cempaka Putih, Jakarta Pusat   » more
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