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» » » simple food with fantastic price at paprika restaurant
By : samsmith123

Simple food with Fantastic Price at Paprika Restaurant

Paprika Restaurant TSC, Nasi Goreng Chasiu Ayam
Nasi Goreng Chasiu Ayam
In fact, I really liked the simple and healthy foods. But for a discussion of this review I will discussed 1 simple food but has expensive prices and classy to me.

On 3 September, I went to visit The Springs Club in Serpong Tangerang. The place where all the facilities are luxurious and expensive. The venue provides a swimming pool, gym, badminton, Soccer spot and a basketball court with a 1-year subscription price of approximately 10 million! That's a fantastic number for me.

In addition, there is a restaurant called Paprika Restaurant the same luxurious amenities already mentioned above. It provides different types of Asian cuisine, Western and Indonesian food.

I ordered Nasi Goreng Chasiu Ayam for Rp 45,000. the food is tasty but in my opinion with the flavor of fried rice in General. There are pieces of chicken and ducks, as well as some pickled like cucumbers carrots and corn.

It could be an option for you who crave a different sensation when eating a simple meal that have a fantastic price.

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  Paprika Restaurant TSC
The Springs Club Jalan Springs Boulevard Blok C/001, Summarecon Serpong, Gading Serpong, Kec. Tangerang, Banten 15810, Indonesia
Serpong, Tangerang   » more
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Recommended Menu : Nasi Goreng Chasiu Ayam
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